Shuniya is an elevated state of consciousness, where the ego is brought to complete stillness. A power exists there. We do not hassle or try to act. With folded hands of devotion, Infinity acts for us. In that state of “zero,” if we can focus our mental projection on a clear intention, which acknowledges our higher self and the Creator within us, it will be so.

In Kundalini Yoga, we do Kriya’s (exercise sets) and meditations to clear the mind and pave the way for the consciousness to achieve the state of Shuniya.    We use this state of Shuniya in Sat Nam Rasayan® healing.


8 Shuniya Meditations – PDFs and Videos

In late 1994, Yogi Bhajan taught a series of eight (8) classes on Shuniya.  The classes were designed to break the hypnotic trance that locks our psyches in a habitual pattern of perception. Going beyond the familiar forms that limit our perception we can stabilize a state of Shuniya in ourselves that allows us to perceive reality as it is.

LA810, Oct. 31, 1994

Shuniya Meditation #1 – Video

Shuniya Meditation #2, LA811 Nov. 1, 1994 – Video

Shuniya Meditation #3, LA812, Nov. 2, 1994 – Video

November 3, 1994

Shunia #4, LA813 – Video

LA814, Nov. 14, 1994

Shuniya Meditation #5 – Video

LA 815, Nov. 15, 1994

Shuniya Meditation #6 – Video

LA816, Nov. 16, 1994

Shuniya Meditation #7 – Video

Shuniya Meditation #8, LA817, Nov. 17, 1994 – Video