Private Healing Session

$108 per session.  Hari Das provides Sat Nam Rasayan Healing Sessions to address Physical, Mental, and Emotional situations and conditions.  Sessions can be scheduled as in-person or remote.  Both in-person and remote sessions are equally effective.  

In-person sessions typically last 45 minutes, where the client lies down comfortably.  Hari Das gently touches the client’s arm, and she heals the situation while the client simply rests comfortably.  Typically at the start of a session, the client will discuss what specifically they would like healed.  At the conclusion of the healing session, Hari Das talks with the client about the outcome of the session, and she may provide suggestions for further healing.

Remote sessions are often scheduled for a time when the client can make themselves available to relax at home while Hari Das works on them remotely.   Often times a remote session is followed up with a brief phone call where Hari Das will address the outcome of the healing, and may provide suggestions for further healing.

“Check a Situation” Session

$25 per session. Often times clients have specific situations they are seeking insight into, such as relationship or work situations.  Hari Das can offer insight and suggestions for how best to address the situation.

Yogic Numerology Session

$108 per session.  Yogic Numerology has its roots in ancient yogic and tantric teachings. Developed to illuminate the path, skills, and nature of a human soul, Yogic Numerology provides an effective means for you to align with your higher Self and excel via the technology of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®.

The real gift of the Yogic Numerology system is its quickness, simplicity, and accuracy. First it establishes an understanding of one’s strengths and weaknesses and then it identifies how to improve the areas of weakness and utilize the strengths more effectively. Tantric Numerology is not an answer to all questions but a simple, elegant tool.

What can be healed with Sat Nam Rasayan®?

The Sacred Space of Sat Nam Rasayan® has no limits.  Sat Nam Rasayan® can resolve functional disorders as well as pain in general and spiritual or mental disorders such as fear, fatigue and depression (the full range of human experience).

Both acute and chronic diseases can be healed, though Sat Nam Rasayan® considers disease as indications of intense or chronic conflicts whose resolution may not include the disappearance of the illness.  Often Sat Nam Rasayan® is used to produce overall improvement, balancing the patient’s bodily functions and raising his or her spirits and tolerance.

On a physical level, Sat Nam Rasayan®  can improve the healing of broken bones, bursitis and phantom pain associated with amputation. It addresses sexual dysfunctions, infertility-related problems, and can relax a mother going through labor and delivery of her baby.

Sat Nam Rasayan® can be effective in the treatment of mental disorders such as depression, fear, anxiety, autism, attention deficit disorders, panic attacks, and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

Sat Nam Rasayan® is a beneficial when used in conjunction with conventional medical treatments for severe and life-threatening conditions including cancer and AIDS. It can help those people enjoy overall improvement in their bodily systems, higher tolerance to their conditions and brighter spirits.

People in the process of dying can be comfortably relaxed during this transition with Sat Nam Rasayan®.

Often medical doctors will refer their patients for Sat Nam Rasayan treatment as an adjunct or when conventional treatments fail.

How to schedule an appointment with Hari Das

Please call or text Hari Das directly at 858-337-2011

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